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Implementation & Consulting Services

Nortaq - Investing in the Digital Ecosystem for future growth

Innovation is driving the world faster and there is a need to do business at a fast pace to remain competitive. There is a need to also operate globally in a safe and secure manner that allows the right level of privacy when required.  Together with this, businesses need the ability to build and market their brand and invest in digital opportunities that can be classed as alternative investable assets. Implementing a digital ecosystem caters for all these requirements through a strong online presence and the use of Blockchain as a service and/or Cryptocurrencies as an investment asset.




Web presence is one of the most important components of modern marketing. Our web development services encompass social media and digital marketing strategies to ensure businesses stand out.


Cutting edge technology and suitable business processing has the ability to increase every business's effectiveness and profits. We can make applications tailor-made to meet your business needs.


We offer great and affordable business plans for hosting your websites and business applications.

Blockchain Services

We provide enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. We offer consultation to help clients navigate the possibilities of blockchain solutions, which are secure and scalable. We can then go on to create and develop the proof-of-concept.

Cryptocurrency & Exchange Services

We pride ourselves on safety and security. Our range of services that facilitate clients in the investment of cryptocurrencies, ensure that all client operations are performed safely and securely. 

Merchant Services

In the new world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (tokens or altcoins), we offer services that allow businesses to start accepting and managing these types of payments securely.

e-Residency Setup

We offer consultation in e-Residency setup, which provides our clients with the means to conduct business globally from within the EU, despite being physically located outside it e.g. Estonia.

PPC Agency

We are a PPC (Pay Per Click) agency that delivers higher return on investment (ROI). Our  team has over 20 Years of PPC experience and we are a Google partner.


We offer services to help clients create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain their targeted audience. We cover SEO, social media, branding and more.

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